Landing Board Seats

Please see the 'Landing Board Seats' tab. Mike is well known for his popular 'Landing Board Seats' webinars and seminars, and also offers a custom one-on-one coaching program. And review the 'Testimonials' tab to see feedback from clients.

Mike Lorelli is Masters level accredited at both The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), and The American College of Corporate Directors (ACCD), has served on 3 public and 11 private boards, and has been coaching for 19 years. He presently serves on three boards. Mike is a frequent author of articles on Board Seats and private equity for NACD's Directorship magazine.

Personalized 'Landing' coaching

Mike Lorelli has coached hundreds of CEOs and other C-Level executives. He begins with your 'messaging' including your materials (resume, Bio, and the all-important LinkedIn profile). Mike is an expert at creating LinkedIn profiles which get traction in recruiter, private equity, and other searches, and that's where more than 50% of people will find you. Yes, networking and having a great resume are still important, but 'the other half' today is about getting your phone ringing, and this is where Mike's expertise shines. See the 'Killer LinkedIn Profiles' tab.


Mike will also critique and work with you on your marketing campaign, and provide concrete suggestions to realize your goal of a faster, smoother landing.  Mike is also an expert in the private equity space, and is able to provide expert guidance on how to navigate this space, and make yourself attractive to this very rewarding career avenue. He is well known for his popular "The Private Equity Play" seminars and webinars. And his "Landing Board Seats" seminars, webinars, and coaching program. And his "Landing In Private Equity" seminars and webinars.

Market-Ready 'Tune-Up'

We will study your resume, Bio, LinkedIn profile, and current marketing program, and give you concrete, specific suggestions to improve your traction. This is a breath-taking intense, action plan, broken down into two separate 1 hours of study with the Partner, followed by an hour of follow-up suggestions; half on your 'materials' and half on your marketing plan. If you desire, the program will cover the essentials on marketing yourself to the private equity space.

Killer LinkedIn profiles that get your phone ringing

There are 645 million LinkedIn users worldwide; almost all of them are business people. If you have a 'Very Good' LinkedIn profile, well . . congrats. . . you are one in 1,000 in a typical recruiter search. That means you are invisible. See the graphic on the next tab. We will show you how to rise up in the rankings of recruiter, Board, and private equity searches. See the 'Killer LinkedIn Profiles' tab.