'Landing Board Seats' is a tailored one-on-one program designed to help make yourself marketable as a serious Board of Director candidate.  The stark reality is that there are only 58,000 Outside Board seats in the US, so if you get the interview, you need to drive it home. But what do YOU also do to get the calls? The program takes you through:


  • Articulating your reasons for seeking Board work. It has to be about THEM, not you.

  • The right path to muscle-build your Board credentials. You will be one of a slate of 5 totally on-spec candidates that are presented. So its not enough to be on-spec. You have to be the tallest duck in the pond. We can help you be that duck.

  • Creating your messaging:

    • Your Board Bio (different than your standard Bio), and has to be 'Board sticky.'

    • Your Board resume (think 'Board sticky.')

    • Your LinkedIn profile. It’s not just about your outbound marketing. You want to be 'found' as recruiters find candidates on LinkedIn. This is where half of the candidates are found. Your LinkedIn profile needs to be 'Board Sticky.'

    • Crafting your value proposition. It's not about you wanting to be on Boards. It's about why the Board should want you.

    • Your elevator speech

  • Going to market. We guide you through a practical, actionable Plan.

  • Tapping into the market for Boards of the 16,800 private equity portfolio companies. We give you an Excel file of hundreds of contacts to reach out to.


Your desired approach is a carefully developed marketing plan to enhance your attractiveness as an Outside Director candidate, and build your confidence to deliver the knock-out punch in the interview process.


The approach  covers the critical interview questions, and helps you crisply construct your answers, in a way that is natural to you.

All Clients are handled individually by Mike Lorelli. Mike is on 3 Boards today, and has previously been on many public and private Boards. He is Masters Certified at both The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), as well as The American College of Corporate Directors (ACCD), is well known for his seminars and webinars, and frequently speaks on the subject. Please see the 'Testimonials' tab to see what clients have to say. He has been conducting this coaching program for 19 years.